Initial Returns Service

In addition, Initial Returns Service

If you have incorporated in Ontario you are required to file a Form 1 Initial Return within the first 60 days. Corporations must complete and submit an Initial Return to the Ontario Ministry within 60 days after the date of incorporation. Failure to file Initial Return causes the dismiss of the corporation. In our experience, we have found so many corporation get voided because corporation owners forget to register Initial Return. Therefore, we recommend you to purchase it with the package.

Initial Return – Quebec: For a Quebec provincial corporation, a Quebec Initial return is mandatory. Failing to do so, may cause the corporation be null and void.

Expired Initial Return: If you have forgotten to file your initial Return, as long as you order within 90 days from the date of incorporation, as an agency, we can still file it to government. But that is with special procedures, manually one of our officer need to go to government office to fix it as a late filing. We can’t do any Initial return filing if date of incorporation is more than 90 days.