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Business Alberta Online is proud to register trademark for Canada, USA, Europe and Global Market since 2002. We are a registered member of Industry Canada and our experienced specialists have done thousands of trademark filing, searches and prepared thousands of opinions. We analyze several factors to decide if your brand is worth pursuing. We check if the The Canadian Intellectual Property Office might reject your trademark for formal reasons. We analyze all look-alike, sound-alike, and mean-alike trademarks and pending applications. Our opinion is included with each of our packages.

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It's a very simple form, guides you step by step and takes 10-15 minutes to complete. you can get stuck in any step, our Agency has live chat and call support. Our lawyers & specialists review all orders before starting Professional Corporation Ontario Tax, Professional Corporation Ontario Tax, register trademark Application for Canada. When you pay us to obtain the Online services for businesses on be half of you, we first do Register for Set up Canada Revenue Agency. If the name gets conflict or high chance of being rejected, will advise you to submit new names. That would be free of cost. However, once a name is submitted to government, a re-submission of new name will cost again fees for benefits of professional corporation Canada, Incorporate professional corporation Canada, register

Agency Filing Fees $199
Government Fees $430

Package Starts at CAD $1975
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Short report or detailed report
2 hours rush service available

Short report or detailed report
2 hours rush service available

1.Application. Yes. A google search is a general web search and only shows part of Canadian registered business who have online presence. A google search result does not represent a comprehensive search result from Canadian government’s corporate name database. Moreover, a NUANS search report has many other elements that are necessary to determine the name result, whereas a google search doesn’t have those elements.

2.Initial Examination. Within the following four months, the trade-marks Office examiners then carry out a search of trade-mark records for potentially conflicting marks. Should there be no apparent conflict, the examiners then make an initial determination as to the registrability of the trade-mark, assessing such characteristics as whether the trade-mark is “clearly descriptive” or “deceptively mis-descriptive”. They will also decide whether the description of the wares or services complies with the regulations and is in normal commercial terms. The examiners advise the applicant of any adverse findings. Applicants may be required to submit revised applications.

3.Approval. Once past the conflict search stage and initial determination of registrability and any revisions to the application the trade-marks Office will submit for Advertisement.

4.Advertisement. The trade-mark information is published in the trade-marks Journal. Any interested party may then make representations to the trade-marks Office, such as filing an opposition against registration of the trade-mark owing to alleged confusion with an existing mark. Should this happen, opposition proceedings can, if successful, bring the application process to an end or otherwise delay the registration process for eighteen (18) months or more.

5.Allowance. If the trade-marks Office receives no objection within approximately two (2) months of publication in the trade-marks Journal, the trade-marks Office issues a notice of allowance of the application for registration.

6.Registration. To proceed to the final step of registration by the applicant within six (6) months of the date of the notice of allowance. Upon receipt of the registration fees, the trade-marks Office will issue a certificate of registration for each duly registered trade-mark.